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Founded in 1992, NPORS was formed to challenge the status quo within the construction industry and they are as dedicated to the goal of ensuring standards today as the day it all began.

NPORS stands firm on the principles it was founded on; supporting industry, regulated training and testing, consistent improvement, equal opportunities and transparency about how we work. Since it’s beginnings, NPORS has continued to progress to be a trusted and recognised name in the industry, offering employers a credible training alternative.

Routes of Entry:
Different Routes of Entry for Operators into the NPORS courses.

Novice NPORS Training:
The Novice Safety Training Course is for those learners who have no or limited experience in the activity or machine operation.
Novice NPORS training courses durations may be reduced due to experience or reduced training objectives.

Refresher Course – NPORS Training:
A refresher training course is undertaken when a certificate is to be renewed or previous training is to be updated and the employer feels the operator will benefit from remedial tuition. Operators must hold a previous certificate or have attended previous training courses. In either case a copy of the previous certificate must be presented.

Conversion NPORS Training:
Undertaken when an operator is converting from one machine type to another eg. Converting from industrial Telescopic Handler (J5) to Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler (J3).

The operator must hold a certificate for the original category being converted.

Experience Worker Test (EWT)
Undertaken when the operator has demonstrated experience and their employer feels they do not require remedial tuition. However this is often the case for practical operation but not so for the underpinning knowledge.
In reality the theory element will require an element of tuition in most case so to afford the candidate every opportunity to succeed.

With us being an approved NPORS training provider, we can deliver a brief update on the theory element of the training course on the day, but revision by the candidate is advised.

The ratios listed below are based on maximum candidates, duration of the training courses can be reduced when candidate ratio is lower.

NPORS Categories

Cat No Machine Type Novice Course Duration Max Number of Novice Test Max Number of Refresher Test Max number of Experienced Worker Test
N001 Industrial Counter Balance Lift Truck 5 days 3 3 4
N010 Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler 5 days 3 3 4
N108 MEWP Boom 1 day 4 4 6
N109 MEWP Scissor 1 day 4 4 6
N100 Excavator as a Crane (bolt on only) 2 day 4 4 6
N138 Telescopic Handler Suspended Load (Bolt on only) 2 days 4 4 6
N402 Slinger / Signaller 2 days 3 3 6
N301a Abrasive Wheels Awareness ½ day 6 6 na
N301B Abrasive Wheels with practical cutting/grinding 1 day 6 6 na
N017 Abrasive Wheels – Hand Held Petrol Driven Cut off Saw 1 day 6 6 na
N605 Strimmer/ Brushcutter 2 days 4 4 6
N214 Road Roller 3days 3 3 6
N403 Vehicle Marshall 1 day 3 3 6
N133 Plant Machinery Marshall 1 day 3 3 6
N132 Plant Mover 2 day 6 6 8
N404 Safe Working at Height ½ day 10 10 na
S001 Safety Awareness 1 day 12 12 na
N201 Excavator 180 10 days 3 3 4
N202 Excavator 360 10 days 3 3 4*
N204 Forward Tipping dumper 3 days 3 3 6*
N129 Forward Tipping dumper mini 3 days 3 3 6
N205 Rear Tipping Dumper 4 days 3 3 6*
N209 Loading shovel 5 days 3 3 6
N212 Skidsteer Loader 5 days 3 3 6
N215 Dozer 10 days 3 3 4
N601 Agricultural Tractor 3days 3 3 4
N207 Crusher 3 days 3 3 6
N208 Sceener 3 days 3 3 6
N722 Material Re-Handler 5 days 3 3 4
Manual Handling INHOUSE ONLY 3 6
N019 Report of Thorough Examination 2 days 8 8 1
N401 Appointed Person 5 days 6 6 1
N101 Mobile Crane 10 days 3 3 4
N405 Crane/lift supervisor 3 days 6 6 1
N047 Rigging and Fleeting 4 days 6 6 1

NPORS Categories

CPN Training is an NPORS accredited training organisation, providing a diverse range of NPORS health and safety training courses across multiple sectors, available at your location nationwide. For our classroom based courses, we welcome our clients to train with us at our training facilities in Torbay.

As an NPORS accredited training provider, we offer a comprehensive range of training courses that are designed to meet the needs of both the individual and the employer. Our courses cover a wide range of topics and offer appropriate training in areas such as health and safety, manual handling, plant operation, and much more.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality training course that is tailored to the needs of our clients. For us, It’s important to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

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