How Many First Aid Kits Should A Business Have?

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It makes sense to have a First Aid Kit in the workplace, even if only you work there, but it is also a Health & Safety requirement. The recommended number of First Aid Kits depends on several factors that include,

  • The size of the business premises & how many floors
  • Number of employees
  • The work risk level – how likely is it that employees could be hurt while working

Undertaking a First Aid risk assessment is the best way of determining how many First Aid Boxes are necessary. The assessment should indicate what size and contents your First Aid Boxes should hold.

HSE suggest that in a low-risk environment, you would need:

  • Less than 25 employees would require one small standard kit
  • 25 – 100 employees, you would require a medium-sized kit
  • 100+ employees, you require one large kit per 100 workers

Working in engineering or chemical manufacturing or in workplaces that use dangerous or sharp machinery and tools, HSE suggest,

  • 5 or fewer employees a small First Aid Kit should be sufficient
  • 5 – 25 employees would require a medium-sized kit
  • 25+ employees, one large First Aid Box for every 25 people.

Where To Put Your First Aid Kit

There is no one place to put your First Aid Kit, but you should ensure it is easily visible and accessible, with the appropriate signs to indicate it is there. If it is locked, you must show where the key is.

If you have trained first aiders in the workplace, it would be practical for them to have the keys with them for easy and rapid access. Remember, when placing the First Aid Kit, it needs to be accessible, not too high on a wall and not in a locked cupboard! Also, if the area the kit is to be placed in is very dusty, it can affect the integrity of the kit’s contents.

Depending on the size and the complexity of the workplace, you may need to place more than one First Aid Kit to ensure quick access when needed.

Contents Of A First Aid Box

You can obtain several First Aid Boxes, but ensure they meet UK Standards. Depending on your First Aid Risk Assessment, you may have to add additional items. For example, a Sharps Kit, Burns First Aid and bio-hazard kit, depending on your work environment. You might also require a first aid room in specific workplaces. This again needs to be accessible and adequately furnished to assist in providing first aid treatment.

First Aiders

It is optional in every organisation to have one or more trained first aiders, but it is a sensible choice. However, to be compliant with HSE Regulations, the minimum is that there is a designated person to monitor the First Aid box. This would include regular checks to update any out-of-date equipment and maintain the stock levels.

Having a first aider trained to a competency level identified by your risk assessment is essential in specific work environments. It is also worth considering training more than one so that they can cover all working shifts.


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